Thailand International Machinery and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition 2019

Exhibition time: September 18, 2019 Booth number: E01-4 Address :Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand International Machinery and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition 2019

On September 18, 2019, The Thailand International Machinery and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition 2019 and Thailand International Foundry Metallurgy Exhibition organized by China’s Ministry of Commerce were held at the International Trade Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

Li Xiongjun, the deputy head of the People's Government of Jiahe County, organized 15 enterprises including Jinggong Forging, Yonghua Industry and Trade, Huaxiang Intelligence, Shanming Electronics, Yufeng Casting, Keshan Machinery, Feiheng Alloy, etc. to participate in this exhibition. During this period, they were also invited to participate in Vietnam's economic and trade negotiations.

It is reported that the three-day exhibition covers six themes: casting, heat treatment and melting technology and equipment, integrated automation, machine tools and metal processing, industrial services and trade. This exhibition aims to create a professional event of industrial production and intelligent manufacturing in Southeast Asia.

Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Jiahe County has carried out structural reforms, dismantled cupola furnaces, aluminum shell furnaces, and other backward equipment, closed down and integrated the casting enterprises into 156. The foundry industry has achieved rebirth and Jiahe is becoming a green casting capital without a chimney. A total of 12 national high-tech enterprises have been created, and the value-added of high-tech industries accounted for 20% of GDP. The number of high-tech enterprises and the number of patent applications reached the city's leading level. It has successively produced the first die-casting machine and the first laser cutting machine in the province, and the first CNC machine tool in the city. Jiahe was rated as The Foundry Capital in South China, The Forge Hometown of China·Green Forging Development Base, Foundry Industry Base of Hunan, and Cluster Pilot County of Foundry Industry in China. In 2018, more than a dozen equipment manufacturing enterprises settled in Jiahe, which effectively promote the leap forward of Jiahe casting and forging to equipment manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing.

According to news from the exhibition site, Thailand attaches great importance to this exhibition. The former prime minister and former deputy prime minister of Thailand personally participated in the opening ceremony. They paid great attention to the organization of so many enterprises of Jiahe and unique products. They invited Mr. Li to take a group photo, and also visited the exhibition area of Jiahe County.

At the exhibition, Jiahe's enterprises were favored by foreign customers. At present, it has signed 6 contracts with an amount of US$6.7 million. The chairman of the Thai Foundry Association and the executive vice president also expressed their intention to visit Jiahe County at an alternative date.

Exhibit at E01-4

Held at the International Trade Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Jiahe County was established in 1639, covering an area of 699 square kilometers, governing 9 towns and 1 township, with a population of 420,000. It is one of the counties with the smallest area and the highest population density in the province.

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